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Do you need to get in touch with your local utility company or the public library? If so, this is the only place you need to look for their contact information! This section is fully dedicated to helping you stay in touch with organizations in your local community. It is a handy resource for you to utilize when you need to locate contact information for a variety of professionals in your area. 

Check this section often to locate necessary contact information for those within the community.

Bozeman Public Library
From Resources Page

The Bozeman Library shares the vision of the nation's founders that liberty and learning are inseparable and that a democratic people must have free, open and equal access to information. People of all ages will: ·have access to educational, cultural, and recreational resources to enhance their employment outlook, lifelong learning, and personal growth opportunities. ·be able to choose from a variety of cultural and recreational resources to enhance their personal growth. ·have a safe and open library environment with a variety of resources to foster a tolerant and civil community. Bozeman Public Library welcomes all, especially the young, to share in the joy of exploring the world of information and the realms of our imagination.

The Bozeman Public Library provides the community with free, open and equal access to general information on a broad array of topics; resources to promote personal growth and lifelong learning; popular materials to meet cultural and recreational needs; and the training needed to find, evaluate and use information effectively.

Contact Information




626 E Main St

Bozeman, MT 59715

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