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Neighborly Referrals

Who do you know who's done a good job for you? 

If you have had a painter, landscaper, plumber, electrician or other service performed by a dependable professional, please post their name and contact information as a recommendation to others in the neighborhood who may require their excellent services. 

This will serve as a compliment to the exceptional work they have done for you and will help others, especially newcomers, who may not know a reliable service professional.

Drager Gould Architects, Inc.
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Drager Gould Architects specializes in custom residential design around western Washington. Our experience with high-end custom homes and small custom commercial projects sets us apart from other larger architectural firms. As a small architectural firm, you can be assured of the partners personal attention to your projects.

Our design philosophy centers around three essential architectural ideas:

One - we must begin to emphasize efficient use of space allowing an increase in the quality of the structure and materials.

Two - we must design buildings that respond creatively to the forces that influence that design; quality of light, scale of spaces, materiality, sustainability, context and budget.

Three - We see our clients as an integral part of the design process. without a solid expression of their goals and vision, we cannot expect to succeed.

These concepts come together in our work to create timeless architecture that responds to the demands of the site, environmental forces, the client's unique vision, the need for beauty and budget. 

' We seek to create places of meaning for people to live, work and play. We believe that good architecture transcends its particular time of construction. In order for an architectural concept to be successful, the essence of the big ideas must find its way to the smallest details.'

We look forward to exploring architecture with
our current and future clients.

Recommended by Sharon Tudor Isler (my son in law, Bret Drager!)

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