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Neighborly Referrals

Who do you know who's done a good job for you? 

If you have had a painter, landscaper, plumber, electrician or other service performed by a dependable professional, please post their name and contact information as a recommendation to others in the neighborhood who may require their excellent services. 

This will serve as a compliment to the exceptional work they have done for you and will help others, especially newcomers, who may not know a reliable service professional.

Tim - Snow Removal
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We've had several people plow our steep, winding drive since we moved here and our favorite guy finally retired. This year (2016), we called Tim, who was advertising in the Chronicle. Not only was he willing to come up for a reasonable price, he did a phenomenal job! He's skilled at operating his vehicles, fast, efficient, and moves the snow down the hill rather than piling it up on the top where it accumulates and shrinks the turn around space. HIGHLY recommend him!

- Michael & Meagan Blessing

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