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Neighborly Referrals

Who do you know who's done a good job for you? 

If you have had a painter, landscaper, plumber, electrician or other service performed by a dependable professional, please post their name and contact information as a recommendation to others in the neighborhood who may require their excellent services. 

This will serve as a compliment to the exceptional work they have done for you and will help others, especially newcomers, who may not know a reliable service professional.

Home-Watch - Electronic Caretaker Service
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*Your home will be electronically monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for a variety of hazards.
*24-hour maintenance service that responds to adverse conditions detected electonically in your home.
*Regular home visits with reports complete with digital photos delivered to you via e-mail
*Your password-protected web page where you can track Home-Watch Electronic Caretaker Services

Call Brad - 406-580-2660

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